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Motorised iPad docking station with integrated keypad for in-wall mounting, iPad mini 4 & 5 generation.

touchDock is iRoom‘s flagship docking station, made entirely with scratch-resistant tempered glass and features the latest technologies iRoom has been implementing in its docking solutions.
touchDock represents everything iRoom‘s premium docking solutions stand for:

  • Available for all current iPads larger than 10.2“.
  • Apple-certified charging connector and electronics
  • Code-protected, motorized removal of the iPad when it‘s needed for mobile use.
  • Flexible flush-mount in-wall installation, horizontally or vertically.
  • Built-in control processor for AV control independent of the iPad
  • Beautiful piece of craftsmanship with high-quality scratch-resistant tempered glass.


  • Motorized Removal of the iPad Built-in motor swings iPad out for hassle free removal
  • High Quality Tempered & Scratch-Proof Glass Both enclosure and front plate are made with black or white glass
  • Horizontal or Vertical Flush Mount Installation Installation Box included in delivery
  • Smart Home / Smart Business Integration Control Processor and Touch Keypad for stand-alone or 3rd party control
  • Compatible with Professional Control Systems Savant, AMX, Control4, EnOcean, Gira HomeServer and many more
  • Available in Black or White Matches the iPad‘s front face
  • Hands-Free Unlocking Of the iPad Screen via Proximity Sensor
  • Apple-Certified Charging Electronics and Connector approved by Apple
  • Smart Battery Management Extends the iPad Battery Life
  • Antitheft Protection Of the iPad with code-protected iPad Removal
  • Powered by PoE+ and 110-240 V Only one Cat Cable for Power and Control Communication