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The PLM‑8M8 PLENA matrix 8 Channel DSP Matrix Mixer is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability. It is the heart and soul of the PLENA matrix system. When combined with PLM‑8CS call stations, PLM‑WCP wall control panels and the PLM‑4Px2x amplifiers; it is suitable for almost any application that requires up to 8 zones of high fidelity speech and background music (BGM). The audio quality is suitable for live music, background music, high demand speech environments and zone announcement applications. Some typical application include: Shopping centers, schools, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes, gyms, recreational facilities, churches, warehouses, office buildings, regional airports, train stations, bus terminals, boardrooms, meeting rooms, conference facilities, small theme parks, museums, back of house performing arts centers and sports stadia.

The indicators on the front panel are; Phantom power active, signal/clip, call station audio bus, output signal present, RS485 and Ethernet. There are no controls on the front or the rear panels of the unit. This is to reduce the assistance from good intentioned end users who wish to assist in “improving” the sound levels. The mains power switch is located on the rear of the unit. Graphic User Interface (GUI) The GUI for both PC Windows and iOS app, has a user screen; giving the end user the ability to select their own background music source and mix any microphone/line input without affecting other zones in the system. The Windows GUI also provides and intuitive installation package, packed with powerful DSP features that will make any install easier. Both the iOS app and PC GUI are able to be customized for different levels of user access. DSP features The DSP features are accessed via either the PC GUI software or the iPad application. Input: • Input gain: ‑16dB pad, +48V phantom power, 100Hz HPF. • Input Dynamic Range Comp