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The LC6-100S-L ceiling mount Compact Sound Speaker System is a complete loudspeaker system package with matched components that together deliver high quality sound. The system is ideal for background and foreground music systems for restaurants, bars, patios, retail, and other applications. The system consists of a high performance ceiling mount 8-inch subwoofer module with a crossover network to support the included four (4) ceiling mount 2-inch satellite speakers. The system provides for easy signal connections at the subwoofer and can support either 4 ohm or 70/100v signal connections. Its high power handling allows the system to be used in a wide variety of environments and spaces to provide high quality background or foreground music.

Architectural and Engineering Specifications:
The loudspeaker system shall be a two-way design consisting of a separate subwoofer containing one (1) 8-inch (200 mm) low-frequency transducer, four (4) satellites consisting of 2 inch (50 mm) high-frequency transducers, and frequency-dividing network installed in the vented subwoofer enclosure. All input and output signal connections shall be made at the subwoofer. All signal connections for the subwoofer and satellite speakers shall be made using phoenix style connectors. The system shall be capable of operating up to 100 watts when driven with a 100V or 70V amplified source signal. The loudspeaker system shall meet the following performance criteria: Power handling, 200 watts of Long Term Program Rating; Frequency response, 45 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB from rated sensitivity); Impedance, 4 ohms nominal. The high frequency transducer in the satellites speakers shall provide even coverage of a minimum 100° conically averaged over frequency range of 1 – 8 kHz and a minimum 150° horizontally by 150° vertically averaged over a frequency range of 1 – 4 kHz. The subwoofer enclosure shall be constructed of stamped steel with an integrated fire rated ABS baffle. The satellite speakers shall be constructed of stamped steel with a fire rated ABS baffle. The subwoofer enclosure shall be 12.44 inch (316 mm) high and 14.69 inch (373 mm) in diameter. The satellite speaker enclosure shall be 4.7 inch (119 mm) high and 5.3 inch (135 mm) in diameter. The ceiling mount loudspeaker system shall be LC6-SW100-L or the LC6-S-L models.